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Tina Begay M.B.A.

Empowering Growth Through Knowledge

Introducing Tina Begay, CEO of Redtail Accounting

In 2010, driven by a passion for supporting nonprofits, she established Redtail Accounting. Having worked extensively within the nonprofit sector, she recognized a common challenge: many organizations excelled in their missions but struggled with financial management.

Understanding the financial constraints nonprofits face, particularly their inability to afford a full-time in-person Chief Financial Officer. She founded Redtail Accounting. Redtail's mission is to provide virtual financial services at fair, affordable rates.

Navigating the nonprofit and Tribal Government industries requires expert accounting knowledge. At Redtail Accounting, we serve as your trusted partner, proactively addressing concerns and identifying potential issues before they escalate. Specializing in nonprofit and tribal government tax laws, we offer invaluable insights to help you avoid IRS audits and compliance pitfalls.

Our meticulous approach to accounting ensures accurate, detailed records that empower informed decision-making and streamline financial reporting.

Behind every successful venture lies a dedicated team. At Redtail Accounting, we're proud to boast a team of seasoned professionals with years of bookkeeping and accounting experience. By entrusting us with your financial management, you're free to focus on growing your nonprofit and tribe.

Located in the picturesque Flathead Reservation in Arlee, Montana, Redtail Accounting offers personalized, client-centered service. To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Tina Begay, please book a free consultation. Let's embark on a journey towards financial stability and prosperity together.

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